“The Frant government intercepted your message and passed it on to Her Majesty’s A.S.S.” Blast said as he continued racing down the corridor.

“Hey!” Suzie snapped, “We don’t use that acronym.” Suzie continued to bounce at his side as he carried her.

“Sorry, ‘Armeni Secret Service‘” Blast said, “But your information did get passed on, they got the locations of all of terrorist cells on Waltran and are moving in on them. So they asked the Agency to send me in to rescue you.”

As they raced away from the arena, Enarigan forces were starting to move in on the escapees. Rushing around a corner, Blast and Suzie found themselves facing a large squad of the small grey aliens, lined up with weapons pointed right at them. Blast quickly swung Suzie behind him so he could absorb the energy beams himself. Blast returned a few shots when the lead Enarigan yelled something unintelligible causing the guards to drop their guns and pull out swords from a nearby container.

“Aw I hate swords” Blast moaned.

“Put me down,” Suzie said, “let me help you.” Blast carefully set Suzie down and handed her the energy pistol as the guards charged with swords in hand. Suzie picked off a couple before they arrived, and Blast quickly dodged their attacks and knocked a couple more guards out of commission. With amazing speed he was able to snatch up one of the fallen swords, but not before a few guards were able to slip in some hard deep gashes across his back and shoulder. Howling in pain, Blast stood back up and used his sword to parry more attacks. Suzie had backed away, trying to keep an open shot, but the fray made it difficult to get a clear target without hitting Blast.

“Would you shoot them!” Blast yelled back at her as he continued to hack and slash defensively.

“I can’t without hitting you!” Suzie called back. Blast found a moment to look at Suzie with a dumbfound expression.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Suzie said as she suddenly remembered his invulnerability to energy weapons. Instantly she began spraying the horde of Enarian surrounding Blast. In a moment they were all down and Blast stood over them bleeding and breathing heavy.

“So swords cut you, but laser beams bounce off you?” Suzie asked as she approached him.

“I don’t reflect them, they just don’t hurt me” Blast held his bleeding shoulder as he looked around the naked aliens. “Just don’t hit me in the eyes with one.”

“And that wall, you ripped through a quarter inch drywall like nothing!”

“Yes, I can run 13 miles per hour, jump over 5 feet and leap up to 3 feet. I‘m 5‘ 11“ and 200lbs.” Blast sighed as he repeated the list of credentials that always seemed to come up when he met someone. “I can see into the Red and Violet spectrum and hear lower sound waves than a Rykielian mule.”

“Oh come on, no one can do all of that. What kind of alien are you?”

“Wish I could tell you. They found me on a transport near Shankara.” Blast finally pulled off his belt and used it to wrap the bleeding cut on his arm.

“Is there anything you can’t do?” Suzie tried not to look at the naked alien with any kind of obvious indulgence.

“Plenty,” Blast said as he tried to reach around to the still bleeding wound on his back. Suzie finally laid a hand on him, removed the belts she was wearing, lashed them to each other and used them to bind Blast’s broad back. Blast smiled appreciatively and also did his best to avoid looking at her directly.

“We need to get out of here.” Blast finally said.

“There’s a hanger deck over here. We might be able to steal a ship.” Suzie led the way into an immense bay filled with Enarian ships. “These are all genetically coded. The only ships that will activate for us are one’s we’ve already been aboard. I don’t suppose you came here on an Enarian ship?

“Nope, my ship’s over in the mountain range outside of the compound. Maybe we can find an older ship that doesn’t have the genetic coding.” Blast proceeded into the hanger deck. Frantically the pair slapped their hands against the controls of various ships looking for a reaction from one of them.

As Blast ran his hand over another ship, he was startled by a small explosion that just missed his fingers, he snapped his hand back and turned to see a group of guards racing toward them.

“We have company!” he yelled.

“Those aren’t energy weapons.” Suzie yelled back as she returned their fire. “They’re projectile weapons. Are they trying to destroy their own ships?”

“They know that’s what it takes to hurt me.” Blast ducked for cover behind the nearest ship. They continued to slap ship controls as they darted between and around the parked space ships continuing to find cover as the squad closed in on them.

“They’re splitting up, I can’t keep track of them all” Suzie said as she pulled back further into a corner. As they reached the deepest recess, they came back together ducking behind the oldest ship in the hanger.

“I think we’re surrounded.” Blast slapped the aging hull of the last ship in frustration. Blast and Suzie stared in surprise for a moment as the hatch casually opened and admitted them entrance. After only a moment of hesitation, they scrambled aboard and closed the hatch behind them.

“Have you been aboard this ship?” Suzie asked.

“Of course not. It must not have the genetic…” Blast stopped himself as he looked around the entry hold of the ship. The round bay separated into several coffin sized holding chambers and a medical lab with a biobed sat in the middle. Enarigan lab equipment circled the room.

“You okay?” Suzie asked.

“Yeah,” Blast shook himself, “Just a little deja vu.”

“Well we better get in the air before they bring some of their pilots here and get aboard.” Suzie raced for the control room. She and Blast took two of the three reclined seats. Suzie tried to access the controls, but they refused to respond for her. However when Blast tried, they immediately leaped to life.

“It is genetically coded, you have been on this ship before!” Suzie said.

“Now you’re on it too!” Blast ignored the implication of what that meant. “I’ve unlocked your controls, take that station over there. We need to get to my ship and get out of here.”

In minutes the two of them had the saucer shaped vehicle raising vertically out of the hanger and streaking off into the sky.