Blast found himself sitting in a reclined lounge chair in front of the main controls, Suzie sat 120 degrees to his right at a data console. The ship’s system display sat empty behind them. Blast shrugged it off, neither one of them knew enough about this ship to understand enough to decipher the operations information anyway. They just had to hope that the old machinery would hold together long enough to get them to safety.

The flat saucer shaped ship weaved around obstacles, speeding across the foothills as Blast hugged the ground protectively.

“If we can get to my transport, we should be able to get off world.” Blast said and he manipulated the controls.

“I wouldn’t bet on it,” Suzie said, “There’s a patrol ship coming after us.”

“Just one?” Blast asked.

“This crate is decades old, they only need one.” A crackle of blue lightning raced from the patrol ship to the escaping one. Sparks flew from where the bolt glanced off a corner of Blast and Suzie’s ship.

“Ion disruptor!” Suzie said.

“We’re almost there.” Blast said through his teeth, “See if you can get any more intel from this things data banks.” Blast could see his transport ahead, he just had to figure out some way to make the patrol ship leave them alone long enough to land and transfer to his ship.

“Blast!” Suzie couldn’t hide her surprised gasp. “There’s a file on you in here! This is the ship that abducted you from your home planet.” Blast sat stunned for a moment before another near miss shook him back to their current situation. Suddenly Blast pulled back on the controls, Blast was shoved deep into his seat as the controls forced the flying saucer into a sharp upward turn. Below them, the blue crackle of ionized energy zipped past their intended route and destroyed the Gaul transport that had been their goal.

“What are you doing?” Suzie cried.

“You need time to open that folder!”

“Are you crazy! You’re compromising our escape! We can’t get away in this thing!”

“This ship is our new mission. If it has information on who I am and where I came from, we’re getting it back for our R&D guys to take apart.”

“And I suppose this new mission is sanctioned by your government?” Suzie asked with a sneer.

“You know perfectly well how much discression an agent has on a mission.”

“But not for going on some kind of personal quest! You’re overstepping your bounds.” The sky darkened as they escaped the atmosphere and stars quickly filled the sky.

The large patrol craft was still right behind them. Blast pulled back into a tight orbit to allow the curve of the planet to block fire.

“What are we going to do now?” Suzie said, “as soon as we pull into open space that things going to pick us off. There’s no way we can out run it in this thing.”

“How are you doing with that information?” Blast asked.

“It’s encrypted, it’s going to take a while.”

Blast thought frantically through their options. The patrol ship was catching up with them very quickly. Soon they would have a clear shot at them. He quickly slapped through a series of commands and pulled the ship into a very fast, very tight loop.

“On the count of three eject!” Blast ordered.

“But I’ve almost got something!” Suzie said intent on her data monitor.


“Just a few more seconds.”

“Two, there’s no time.” Blast knew this had to be precise. He looked over at Suzie and saw that she hadn’t prepared her ejection sequence.

As he said “Three” Blast slapped the controls into a locked position, leapt over to lay across Suzie on her lounge chair and smacked her ejection control. The seat quickly dropped down through the hull and an airtight bubble created a pod around them. The two of them rocketed out of the flying saucer at the peak of it’s arch continuing on a straight shot away from the planet as the ship looped back and crashed into the patrol ship. The silent explosion of the colliding antimatter plants created enough light and energy to push and shake the pod to create a rattling cacophony that compensated for the sound of the explosion.

The pod was designed for a single Enarigan, Suzie was bigger than an Enarigan and Blast was larger than she was. So the tiny space was definitely cramped. Plus the added acceleration forced Blasts’ weight onto her even harder, crushing the air from her lungs. It seemed like an eternity before weightlessness allowed her to push the gigantic alien off of her.

“What are you doing?” She managed to get out before he bounced back into her.

“This trajectory should get us out of Enarigan space before they can find us. Idalian patrols should be able to find us.”

“But I had information about you, ya stupid lump!” Suzie began to find her heartbeat quickening at his proximity.

“You were right,” Blast threw his elbows up into the seat cushions on either side of her head to keep from crushing her again as he floated above her. “My mission was to get you out safely. Nothing else is important.” He looked down into her eyes and she found herself melting into his embrace. In the narrow confines, she didn’t really have much choice.

“So you don’t care about the name of the planet you came from?” She asked coyly.

“You decrypted it!” Blast popped back banging his head against the transparent canopy. Suzie’s eyes twinkled as she pulled his head back to hers.

Suzie pulled him into a kiss, tapping the information on his teeth with her tongue.

“Earth!” the thought burst through Blast’s head. Suzie released him and looked into his startled eyes.

“I’m originally from Earth?” he asked.

“Yup” Suzie said, pulling him close and wrapping her body around his. Blast finally relaxed into her embrace.

“And I love your accent!” Suzie said as she pulled him into another kiss.