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Example Game Play | Steam Spy

Example Game Play

Example Game Play


Doctor Davian Cruge of the Diamond Club is attempting to destroy a section of the Encyclopedia Englandia’s database that contains information on the connection between Das Wort and the Diamond Club.  Hector Jordan, of M-5 is on duty to protect the library where the information is filed and kept.  Since Davian is attacking the Encylopedia Englandia, that deck is used.  And since Hector is the Protagonist, the M-5 deck is also added.


Players draw 5 cards each, play begins with the first story encounter; infinltration.  Dr. Cruge has to infiltrate the Encyclopedia Englandia’s man library.


Each player can play a card.  Hector plays a Personal Micro Fiche which will add 2 to any Intelligence roll.  Dr. Cruge plays a switchblade card.


The initiative card is drawn and it says “Ant: Body/Pro: Int or Cha”.  Since Dr. Cruge is the Antagonist, he will be using the Body trait and therefore the Observation action (cross referencing Body with Infiltration).  And Hector, being the Protagonist can choose either the Intelligence or the Charisma trait.  Since Intelligence is his stronger stat, he chooses that; which will make Sneaking his action for this round


Both players roll a number of dice equal to their approved trait and keep a number of dice equal to his Sneaking action.  Also note that with Hectors equipment card he will add 2 to the sum of his dice roll.  Hector wins the dice roll and the slider moves from “Antagonist Lead” to “Protagonist Lead”.  Dr. Cruge tries to quietly stake out the library, but Hector uses his own sneaking knowledge to predict the infiltrator’s activities and ends up cornering the Doctor


Play proceeds to the next round.  This time the initiative card reads “Ant: Int or Cha/Pro: Body”.  This time Dr. Cruge is allowed to choose his Charisma trait which makes his action Bluffing and Hector is forced to use his Body trait which makes his action Observation.  Unable to use the bonus from his equipment, Hector rolls less that the Doctor and is unable to see through his bluff.  The slider card returns to “Antagonist Lead” state.


For the third round of the Infiltration Encounter, the initiative card reads “Ant: Int/Pro: Ant Choice”.  So Dr. Cruge is going to use Intelligence with the Sneaking action and he forces Hector to use Charisma with the Bluffing action.  Once again, unable to use his equipment, Hector is easy beat and the Doctor makes his way into the Library.  The slider moves firmly into the “Antagonist Control” state.


With the end of the Encounter, each player draws a card.  Dr. Cruge draws an ally card, specifically Elizabeth Donnelly.


With the start of the next encounter Hector puts a pocket pistol into play; however Dr. Cruge plays his Ally card by placing it into the Ally Interaction Pile indicating that the round will become an Interaction Encounter.  It turns out Miss Donnelly has been put in charge of reinventing the sorting system being used in the library.


The initiative card reads “Ant: Int / Pro: Body”, so Hector is going to be using Body with Willpower as his action and Dr. Cruge will be using Intelligence with Lines as his action.   Additionally as the Antagonist, Dr. Cruge is also allowed to add his Intimidation skill points to his dice roll, and as the Protagonists Hector can add his Persuasion skill points to his skill roll.  Alternately, since Elizabeth is the opposite sex to both characters, either player may use their seduction skill instead of the other skill add.


Although Dr. Cruge wins one of the three rounds, Hector wins the other two raising the slider to “Protagonist Lead” which not only allies Elizabeth Donnelly with him, but also initiates the chase round.  Basically, unswayed by the doctor’s advances, Elizabeth raises the alarm and calls Hector into a chase.


For the chase encounter, Cruge is able to play a Hot Air Balloon that allows him to activate his Air skill.  Since Hector doesn’t also have an air vehicle, the slider is advance one state in the Antagonists favor, also, since the Protagonist doesn’t have any vehicle activated, Dr. Cruge wins the first round of the encounter; therefore, he is easily able to avoid capture and return the slider to the “Antagonist Control” state.  Knowing that the alarm is raised, Dr. Cruge races to the roof where he has a hot air balloon already prepared to lift him to safety.


Although Dr. Cruge can’t replay the same encounter type as was played before the chase, there is nothing preventing him from continuing with his previously planned sabotage encounter.  Between his personal Micro Fiche and his ally, Elizabeth Donnelly, Hector is easily able to end this sabotage encounter with a solid “Protagonist Control” state.  Dr. Cruge is able to circle back and break into the library from above only to find Hector and Elizabeth set for an ambush.


During the next Fight encounter, Hector easy defeats Dr. Cruge in all three rounds.  After the first round the slider moves to the “Protagonist Control” state, but each successive win won’t allow the slider to move any further, so it remains at that state until the Antagonist wins a round.  However, the success of the fight ends the game with a win for Hector.  With Elizabeth at his side, Hector has his pistol pulled on Dr. Cruge as he comes down the stairs and is able to dispatch him before he do any more to threaten the Encyclopedia Englandia.


In the end, Dr. Cruge ends up with 2 XP for succeeding in the Infiltration and Chase Encounters, unfortunately he suffers a -2 penalty for losing all three rounds of the final Fight encounter, and therefore he ends the game with nothing.  And Hector ends up with 3XP for succeeding with the Interaction, Sabotage and Fight Encounters.  In addition Hector gets one more point for winning the game to give him a total of 4XP.


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