Saucer Seekers follows the adventures of Ron Dykstra and Carl Voorhees as they look for the truth behind UFOs.

Professor Carl Voorhees was a psychology professor at the University of Michigan when he decided to abandon his career and begin devoting his life to the study of UFOs. Ron Dykstra was a graduate student, studying computer sciences, who agreed to accompany the Professor and apply his technical skills to the professor’s theoretical knowledge to form ETI-PI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Private Investigators). However the lack of steady income from the field of ufology forces the team to live in the same van that they used to drive from one account to the next.

In an attempt to increase their profile, Carl hires Connie to assist them. Connie, an ex-stripper who turns out to be rich, seems to have some remarkable talents for mental control, domination and empathy; which makes her a valuable asset for interviewing witnesses. She attributes it to her training as a stripper.

Meanwhile, Ron develops a crush on their frequent waitress Betsy and eventually agrees to go out with her. It turns out that Betsy believes she is experiencing abductions and even suspects that her child, Martin was conceived during an alien abduction.

Carl’s ex-wife Beatrice crosses their path during a paranormal investigation. Together they discover evidence of a glowing orb, but before Carl can register it as a UFO, Beatrice registers it as a spirit orb and generates enough fame to get her own ghost hunting TV show.

They encounter Rex Calhoun, alien hunter, who has evidence that Connie is really an alien and vows to hunt her down. Fortunately they’re able to get away from him, but his accusations continue to haunt the team.

After the convention, they encounter a young boy who has been having repeated close encounters. Their investigation is blocked by Major Kurtz of the air force. Further investigation reveals that the encounters are actually an air force exercise and the team is able to pressure the air force to move their operations to less public locations.

Betsy finally confides in Ron about her suspicions about Marvin’s birth. Connie agrees to use her contacts to do a DNA test on Betsy’s baby and finds that the father is someone that Betsy never met, however Connie does remember him and begins to question if she really is an alien.

After a crisis of faith in Betsy’s morals, Ron chooses to protect Betsy by marrying her. Meanwhile Connie, questioning her own involvement in Martin’s conception decides to leave to find out more about her past. But first she buys the guys a mobile home so they don’t have to sleep in the van.

Years pass and Carl, frustrated at his lack of progress finally decides to call it quits; he has even written a book exclaiming how UFOs can’t possibly exist. However Connie, now working for some secret organization secretly passes on information to inspire him to continue.

With a new attitude and enthusiasm, Ron and his wife Betsy head to Hell, Michigan on an investigation while Carl stays home with a teen aged Martin. Unfortunately Betsy and Carl end up stranded in a snow bank and eventually have to be rescued by Connie.

Connie asks Ron and Connie to assist her in some corporate espionage to find out if a company is using alien technology. Although it appears that Connie was actually using them for an environmental intervention, she reveals that the company really did have some UFO evidence, but she disappears mysteriously before she can be questioned.

Meanwhile, Martin is preparing for a science festival. Even though he refuses to do a project based on ufology, his astronomy project is ruined by a UFO. Instead he uses the footage to claim that he faked the images and still wins the show.

Frustrated with the confusion over the name of the company ETI-PI, Carl and Ron agree to change the name of the team to Saucer Seekers.

During a book signing for the book that Carl now regrets having written, he meets up with Sarah, an old high school sweetheart. Despite her narrow mindedness regarding the subject of UFOs, they go out. But during their date a major sighting occurs, Carl misses it and swears off of women for all time.

Betsy begins to question her own usefulness as an investigator. She asks Carl to tutor her on UFO history and chooses to write a paper on the Roswell crash. The revelations in her paper cause Carl to put all of the pieces together and have an epiphany. Unfortunately the shock of total understanding seems to give Carl a fatal heart attack.