Part of Suzie began to welcome the darkness that crept in from the corners of her vision. The hum of the approaching saws became almost soothing. It would be over soon. A single drop of blood rolled off her shoulder and fell into the water.

Just before the blades slipped under her chin Suzie was yanked straight down with incredible force. A huge tentacle had reached up and wrapped itself firmly around her waist. As soon as she was free of the repulser beams, Suzie’s emptied lungs filled explosively with air for the split second before she was pulled under the water. She kicked and wiggled as much as she could until a second tentacle grabbed her left foot. She tried weakly to punch at the slippery limbs, but the water slowed her down too much to have any real effect.

A forest of tentacles writhed around her as she was pulled toward the main mass of the beast. One dark eye rolled into view and examined her. Another pair of tentacles traced the lines of her body tenderly. The one wrapped around her waist was quickly replaced by one that circled over her left shoulder and across her chest like a bandoleer. Suzie could feel the slimy crawl of the flesh slide over her skin as it slipped under the strap of her panties as it circled her hip. The main tentacle then reached up from between her legs until the tip pointed at her face, almost looking ready to playfully tap her nose.

But Suzie was able to grab the tentacle with her left hand and pull it to her mouth where she bit hard into the tough flesh. She knew she wouldn’t be able to do too much damage to the beast, but hopefully she could surprise it enough to loosen its hold. And it worked. As soon as she felt the force of the grip slack, she kicked hard for the surface trying to shake off the tangle of limbs wrapped around her.

She broke through the surface of the water with a gasp, barely missing the laser saws which were now only inches above the water. Frantically sucking in air, she searched for a way around the spinning disks of death.

However the tentacles around her quickly pulled tight again and she was harshly yanked back underwater. In punishment for her futile attack, the calibarutus slammed her hard against the nearest wall. While she was momentarily stunned, the beast let go of her just long enough to switch its grip. A single tentacle grabbed each of Suzie’s limbs and pulled out. Suzie screamed out a silent bubble of precious air at the incredible pain. She could feel her shoulders and hips about to rip from their sockets.

But rather than maim his prize, the calibarutus chose to tenderize her instead. Suzie was thrown hard against the far side of the well where she slammed hard into the marbleized steel. Stunned, her limp body began to float toward the surface.

But a sudden boiling hissing sound roared through the water, shaking Suzie from her daze. The water level had risen to the level of the laser saws, and the spinning disks of energy were boiling and churning the water into an underwater storm. Suzie shook herself awake and jackknifed into a dive deeper into the pool. The calibarutus saw the maneuver and did its best to mimic it with its large awkward body. The deeper they were, the easier it would be to subdue its prey.

Suzie hit the bottom and looked up just in time to see the gigantic creature try to arch up out of the water after her. She couldn’t tell if it was a miscalculation or the tidal forces being generated by the laser saws, but the calibarutus was pulled up into the energy blades and the top of the pool suddenly exploded into a giant cloud of red.

As the first bits of shredded flesh began to float down around her, Suzie began to look for some other exit at the bottom of the pool. Her lungs were starting to burn with the need of a fresh breath. Whirlpools from the churning saws reached down out of the cloud of blood above and created increasingly strong currents that Suzie had to fight against. She tried to anchor herself on the pool floor, but she could feel her bare feet slide against the smooth surface. Her hair billowed around her and with the increasing rain of grisly debris it was making it harder and harder to see.

Finally her feet hit something. Suzie reached down and grabbed onto a large disk which lay in the center of the pool. It had to be a drain. She tried to pull it up, but the weight of the large steel disk, plus the pressure of the water held it firmly in place. Suzie planted her feet wide apart, arched her back and put all of her strength into trying to lift the drain plug. Her life did depend on it.

All around her the currents of the tangle of whirlpools increased, fighting to knock Suzie off balance and break her hold. Her hair whipped around her as the last of her air was knocked out of her lungs.

But suddenly there was movement, just a fraction of an inch, but the drain plug moved. Continuing to pull with all of her strength, Suzie felt the drain plug begin to rise. Slowly, agonizingly slow, barely a fraction of an inch. But it was enough for the currents to catch it and get under the disk. The force of the water swirled under the lid, breaking the seal and flipping it across the pool floor. The rush of water hit Suzie like a giant hammer as it slammed her down the drain.

To be continued…