This weekend I noticed a glaring ommision in the new websites.  I didn’t have any links to any of the merchandise that’s out there.  Several books are available for online purchase and now you can, once again, purchase them through Indy Planet.

First of all, there’s Zortic: Almost a Motion Picture; a stand alone classic Zortic story filled with epic parody and adventure.  This is a story that’s not available online, so you can only read it here.  Also, in order to give it the feel of a movie, it’s presented in the form of a movie storyboard.  It’s a great introduction to the Zortic universe.

Then there’s Zortic: An Alien Just Like You; the first book of the new Zortic universe.  This presents the first chapter of the new storyline and is the place to introduce yourself to the new continuity.  You want to be ready with this book, because book 2 is coming very soon.

And lastly we have the first two Saucer Seekers books.  These are collectors items because they still have the original titles of ETI-PI Book 1 and ETI-PI Book 2.  The next printing of these books will be under the Saucer Seekers title, so get these before they become history.

So  check them all out.  I’m really proud of them and excited to be able to present them for you to purchase.  Enjoy!