I’m finally back home from my trip to Michigan and the Kids Read Comics convention. It was a fantastic experience and I really hope I can have a chance to do it again.

With the huge scope of the comics world, it’s really easy to fall into clicks and communities, which means you almost always miss out on some of the other incredible work that’s out there.  One of the things I liked most about this event is that I was able to meet a very different crowd than the comic creators that I’ve known and worked with over the years.

Once again I was stunned, not only by the incredible range of talent at the event, but the overwhelming friendliness and support displayed by all of the artists.  My biggest regret is that I wasn’t able to spend more time hanging out with and getting to know more of the artists around me.  Specifically I’d really like to thank Bob Learned and Paul Storrie for being my table neighbors and helping make this event as awesome as it was, not to mention all of the coordinators and volunteers who did so much to make this happen.  I really hate to leave anyone out, so please go over to the Guest List page and check out all of the amazing people out there and definitely keen an eye out for next year’s Kids Read Comics convention!