When I announced that I was ending Zortic, I promised that it would open the door to other projects.  Of course a printed version of the RPG/card game Steam Spy was one of them (and I still recommend picking up a set or two if you haven’t already).  But it’s time to announce the next big thing happening for Entire Prize Enterprises; Nerd Knight!

Nerd Knight is a prose novel staring all new, original characters and situations and will be the first in a series of connected stories.  Nerd Knight is a humorous science fiction espionage adventure; imagine a combination of Mission Impossible, Dr. Who and Mork and Mindy and you may have a touch of what to expect.

Right now Nerd Knight is only available for the Kindle (with more editions soon to come), but if you have a Kindle, or a device capable of handling a Kindle app, please give Nerd Knight a try and don’t forget to add a review.  I really appreciate it.

Also, don’t forget to look for my author page on Goodreads and add me there if you haven’t already.