So this week was Air Force Appreciation Week here in central Florida.

Now doing a Ufology webcomic, I’m obligated to make fun of Project Blue Book and the Air Force.  And I have to confess to being a bit of a hippie when it comes to “War, What is it Good For” vs. “Give Peace a Chance”.  But no matter what your political, philosophical or moral views are of wars past, present or future; the one thing that we absolutely have to agree with is that when it comes to drive, skill and determination no one can deny that the US Air Force and all of America’s armed forces are second to none.  And we are unquestionably safer, stronger and safer thanks to their service and sacrifice.  We owe each and every one of them our thanks and appreciation.

So with that said, I am extremely proud to reveal a project I worked on this summer.  I was honored to be able to create a unit patch for the AEOT Kandahar in Afganistan (“Aeromedical Evacuation Operation Team” I had to look it up myself).
AEOT Kandahar