Happy 2011!  And welcome to a new year!

I have to confess that 2010 wasn’t really a great year for me, comic wise.  Setting out on my own was scary and a sharp learning curve.  I know the site had it’s ups and down and  I took a hard cut in visitors.  But most of the kinks have been worked out, the archives are up, Classic Zortic is building back up and I really found a new appreciation for those of you that stuck by.

But like they say in sports, it was a rebuilding year and I really feel like the rough time are paying off and things are set up for a fantastic 2011.  I have some truly incredible things in the works that I can’t wait to share with you. Ten years ago I names 2001 the year of Zortic (being ripe for a year of scifi parody).  While there’s plenty of fun coming up in Zortic this year, there’s going to be even more going on in many other areas.  So I’m naming 2011 “The Year of Entire Prize Enterprises”!

So stick around, and tell your friends to join the fun.  It really is going to be a great year.