Remember when I said this was going to be a big year for Entire Prize Enterprises?  Well I’m proud to say that we’re expanding our repertoire with the creation of Steam Spy (at a collectible card game based role playing system.  It’s a game that combines the immersive nature of a traditional role playing experience with the random unpredictability of a collectible card game.

The setting is a Victorian era steam punk universe where industrial espionage is being introduced into the dawn of the industrial age.  Steam Spy includes all of the action and twists of your favorite spy movie, but surrounded by the clunky, clockwork machinations of steam powered gadgets, gizmos and technology.

Players represent rival intelligence factions.  Neither is necessarily “good” or “bad”, motivation and morality is relative. But one of the companies is up to something and it’s up to the other agency to stop them.

Each player takes on the roles of either “Antagonist” or “Protagonist”.  Although there are similarities between the Antagonist and a traditional RPG Game Master, the game does not require the immense preparation and planning of a full dungeon crawl.  Although it’s possible for the Antagonist to flesh out a more detailed environment and motivation for a given scenario, it’s just as possible to come up with the details on the fly, making Steam Spy a perfect option for a spur of the moment, one on one role playing experience.

The problem with most collectible card games is the cost.  Players are constantly expected to pay ridiculous amounts of money for an endless stream of booster packs that may or may not contain the cards that are needed, but Steam Spy makes things much simpler.  A low cost subscription means that you’ll always have access to ALL of the current and future decks and expansions for the game.

In addition to the subscription payment model, in order to keep the cost low and availability high, everything you need to play the game will be available on the website for downloading and printing at your own convenience.  So while a normal starting pack for a game like this could easily cost $10 – $25, by giving you access to printing the cards yourself, we’re able to present the starting package for Steam Spy for only $5.  This provides you with the rules, a starting deck for a single faction, characters sheets and game tracker.

Then, when you’re ready to totally immerse yourself into the Steam Spy game you can upgrade to a full subscription for only $1 per month.  This will immediately give you access to an additional faction deck as well as all of the other factions as they come out.

But that’s not all, in addition to the game; the Steam Spy website will contain a range of content that will expand the universe including stories, art and adventure hooks and modules.  And as a subscriber you’ll be able to add to that universe with your own universe expanding content.  Share your own characters and help make the world your own.

So check it out, give it a try and have some fun with Steam Spy