So I kind of threw this out on Twitter, but the more I thought about it the more I think we really do need a return of the classic American hippie.  Hippies originally developed out of the conservatism and controversial war.  And, in my opinion that certainly shares some characteristics with recent history.  So why do we need hippies?

Peace – I’m not making any specific accusations that any of the current wars are unjust, but there certainly are a lot of them around the world.  And I can’t think of anything that’s more dangerous than unbridled warfare without the balance of careful consideration of giving peace a chance.

Love – It seems to me that political discourse has become stronger and more pronounced then ever in history.  Admittedly creating a strong liberal environment may create an initial strong conflict with certain “warm beverage” groups, but it would at least create a clear balance to that group and it would be a group that would fight back with calm pacifism.

Rock and Roll – We need this more than ever.  With shows like American Idol telling us who we’re supposed to be following, I think we need a stronger approach to true artistry.  We need to diversify and expand our real idols.

So won’t you join me?  Help spread the word about Peace, Love and Rock and Roll.  Give Peace a Chance.  Make Love Not War.  Flower Power!  Peace out, man!